The Authentic Sicilian Cuisine Catering

Sicily is one of the most beautiful land in Italy. Have you ever dream about your wedding in sicilian style? We will make your dreams come true through our wedding planner service: we will take care about banqueting and catering services according to your own desires. You will get in touch with the real sicilian traditional food thanks to our caterer’s experience and competence.


The Kiosk

Seltz Water Lemon And Salt ( RECIPE )
Mineral Water
Red Sicilian Orange Juice
Tangerine Sirup With Lemon Juice And Seltz Water
Tamarind Sirup
Almond Milk
Gin Tonic
Aperol Spritz

Homemade Bread Tasting

Etna Nocellara Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Toasty Bread With Grilled Vegetables, Ragusano Cheese Flakes, Pine Nuts, Olives And Fresh Basil Leaves
Toasty Bread With Dry Tomatoes And Fresh Origan
Toasty Bread With Mediterranean Pink Shrimps, Pachino Cherry Tomato And Fresh Basil
Toasty Bread With Salted Anchovies, Fresh Tomatoes And Basil.
Toasty Bread With Nuts, Pears And Goat Cheese.
Toasty Bread With Black Pork Raw Ham, Figs And Burrata.

The Fish Island

Messina ”Ghiotta” Cod. ( RECIPE )
Swordfish Carpaccio With Verdello Lemon And Fresh Mint
Mediterranean Red Tuna Carpaccio With Fresh Spring Onion And Wild Fennel
Mediterranean Red Tuna Belly.
Mixed Fried Fish From The Gulf
”Neonato” Fried Cooked On Sight


Recommended Drink

Leone Tasca D’Almerita White Wine

Couscous Corner

Pantesca Couscous The Original Recipe from Pantelleria Island With Fresh Fish, Vegetables From The Garden And Toasty Bread.

Sicilian Pizza

Messina Flat Bread With Escarole ( RECIPE )
Ragusa ”Scaccia”
Lentini Flat Bread With Broccoli And Sausage
Palermo‘s Flat Bread With Anchovy
+You Can Also Choose 4 Different Kind Of Pizza Cooked On Sight


Recommended Drink

Sicilian Craft Beer (DRAFT Beer)

Cold Cuts Platter

Black Pork Raw Ham And Paceco‘s White Melon
Donkey’s Mortadella With Sicilian Green Olives
”MAFALDINE Shaped” Bread With Mortadella.
Nebrodi Black Piglet Salami With Seeds Of Fennel.
Brolo Artisanal Salami
S. Angelo Di Brolo Flavored Lard


Recommended Wine

Nerello Mascalese
Grillo – Tasca d’Almerita

Dairy Products

Mozzarella Cut at Sight
Monti Iblei Caciocavallo Cheese With Fresh Mulberries
Half Seasoning Ragusano Cheese With Mazzarrone Grape Berry Igp
Little Caciotte With Bronte’s Pistachio And Prickly Pears Jam.
Piacentino Ennese Dop Cheese With Saffron.
Nero D’avola Fresh Provola
Ragusano Dop Cheese With Black Bee Honey
Fresh Ricotta
Baked Ricotta
”All’Argentiera” Caciocavallo Cheese
Belice Cheese
Dried Fruit


Recommended Wine

Nerello Mascalese
Grillo – Tasca d’Almerita

Ancient Tastes

”Caponata” With Fresh Seasoning Vegetables
”Parmigiana” With Fried Aubergines
Mini Fried ”Siciliane” With Fresh Tuma Chees And Olives
Orange Salad
Summer Soup With ”Tenerumi” Vegetables
Mini Arancini With Black Piglet ”Ragù” And Ragusano Dop Cheese
Pieces Of Fried Tuma Cheese
Pieces Of Crunchy Fried Broad Beans
Palermo ”Panelle”
Vegetable Pancakes
Catania Cauliflower Braised In Red Wine, Caciocavallo Cheese And Anchovies ( RECIPE )
Pumpkin Sweet & Sour
Sweet And Sour Meatballs
”Crespelle” With Ricotta And Anchovies  ( RECIPE )


Recommended Wine

Nero D’avola

The Baker

Lentini Bread
Castelvetrano Black Bread
Sesame Breadsticks
Bread With Ancient Sicilian Wheat Flour
(Two of Your Choice)

First Dishes

Palermo Pasta With Sardines RECIPE )
Pasta ”Alla Marinara”
Pasta With Mazzara Red Shrimp, Wild Rocket And Sicilian Citrus Fruits
”Busiate” Pasta With Swordifish, Cherry Tomato, Aubergines And Avola Almonds
Ravioli With Black Piglet ”Ragù”
Pasta With Broad Beans And Wild Fennel
”Trofie” Pasta Withe Bronte’s Pistachio, Fresh Caciocavallo Cheese And Orange Peel
Catania ”Norma” Homemade Pasta With Sicilian Tomato, Aubergines And Ricotta Salata ( RECIPE )
(One of Your Choice)

Second Dishes

Sicilian ”Addotto” Fish (grouper Fish) With Sea Water
Black Nebrodi’s Piglet Fillet With Peaches Snuffbox And Rosemary
Frosted Veal Loin With Nero D’avola Wine And Potato Mousse
Grilled Meat
Grilled Fish

The Sorbet

Sicilian Citrus Fruits Sorbet

Wedding Cake

You Will Choose the Shape, the Decors And the Flavor Of Your Wedding Cake According to Your Own Desires

Typical Pastry

Little Tartlets With Custard And Wild Strawberries
Little Bignè With Ricotta
Little Cannoli With Ricotta And Chocolate Cream
”Cassatelle” Di Ricotta (Fried Sweet Ravioli Ricotta)
Catania ”Iris” With Custard And Chocolate Cream Made On Sight
Sweet ”Panzerotti”
Catania ”Zeppole Alla Benedettina”
Almond Paste
Agira ”Cassatelle”
Ragusa Carob Frost
Cinnamon Frost
Siracusa ”Biancomangiare” ( RECIPE )

Cakes Corner

Palermo ”Setteveli”
Lemon Cake
”Fedora” Cake


Recommended Wine

Pantelleria Passito

Rosoli&Amari (LIQUEURS)

Black Mulberry
”Amaro Dell’etna”
Amaro Averna
Amaro Amara

Granita's Cart

Almond ( RECIPE )

Fruits&Sweets Buffet

Fresh Fruit Compositions

The Buvette

Mineral Water
Sparkling Water
White Wine: Leone – Tasca D’ Almerita
Red Wine: Lamuri’ – Tasca D’ Almerita
Sparkling Wine – Duca Di Salaparuta

Wedding Favor

We Selected The Best Wedding Favor Ideas To Complete Your Event.

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